We’ll be open Monday-Sunday with early morning, mid-day, and evening classes!
Brightside Basics
Our introductory vinyasa yoga class offers a gentle yet invigorating experience for new and seasoned practitioners alike. The room is comfortably warm at 89-92 degrees, and poses are taught at a slower pace with an emphasis on foundational alignment. If you’re new to yoga, we suggest starting here before moving on to our other formats so you’re set up for success!
Power Play
An intermediate-to-advanced power vinyasa class that offers dynamic sequencing, strength and balancing postures, as well as arm balances and inversions. The class is set at a mid-range heat between 93-96 degrees. Each class focuses on proper alignment and intelligent sequencing progressions. Instructors are encouraged to bring their own creative elements to Power Play, resulting in unique and inspiring classes. We also offer a 45 minute variation of this class.
Sculpt Sesh
Our most energetic and athletic format. We take our power vinyasa class and add strength training, body weight and cardio exercises to create this fun and vibrant class. Sculpt Sesh is designed to increase strength, both physically and mentally. The room is warm at 89-92 degrees and movement is taught to the beat of high-energy music. We also offer a 45 minute variation of this class.
Fusion Flow
Our set sequence format offers our highest heat at 100 degrees. Guests will practice longer posture holds, breathing exercises, balancing series and floor series. This class is perfect for improving lower body strength, upper body mobility, and deep fascial release. We guarantee you’ll glow after this flow.
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